Monday, November 22, 2010

Is Your children Not Eating well?

Normally, school going children create enmity with food and during the same time they also tend to lose weight. This is a major worry for parents. It is essential to understand that your child is losing weight due to sudden school pressure and not lack of food. There are more reasons of why they eat less. 

Tips To Make Your Child Eat Right :
  1. Include All Nutrients – If your baby is a light eater, then don't force him to eat a heavy meal but make sure he has all the nutrients in his plate. This will make sure your child is eating right.
  2. Do not Discriminate – Many households make their children eat earlier than the elders. Remember, the way you don't like to eat single, even your child doesn't. Let him eat with everybody. This motivates your kids to eat.
  3. Make His Food delicious – Don't make him a unlike meal. He must eat the same food as you. Generally children are served plain food. This makes food dull and thus, they start hating it. Their food too must taste good.
  4. Serve properly – Served the food is very important. Serve the food in a nice plate and bowl.
  5. Understand His flavor Buds – Like you, he too may have his own likes and dislikes value that. Because he is a child, does not mean he will has to like everything. Set up food which he likes and in the way he likes it.

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