Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nutrition Improving in School Vending machinery

Good news to every parent and students identical. The council passed the “Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act,” a revamp of the 1966 Child Nutrition Act. If accepted, federal child nutrition programs will be given an increase of $4.5 billion funding over 10 years. though, Slow Food USA, a movement linking its members the pleasure of food with a promise to the community and the setting, passed an urgent caution about the said nutrition act. The new bill review states that the budget for food stamp will be cut to be able to fund programs for better meals, regulation on school vending machines and for Farm to School projects, a clear case of inconsistency.
However, if not for the food stamp budget decrease, “Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act,” is a creditable bill as it will allot resources to raise the nutrition standards in school lunch rooms and vending machines by changing the usual meals to “healthy and nutritious food.” It will also offer programs that will encourage students to let go of the high-sugar and salty junk foods being accessible by vending machines.
Speaking of vending machines, childhood obesity and nutrition have emerges as key issues in Obama’s administration. That is why it is keen on improving nutrition value of vending machine contented in school to fight childhood obesity. Still First Lady Michelle Obama has initiated crusade to fight obesity including a program titled “Let’s Move” by teaching kids to engage in sports, be active and eat healthy. Her campaign was triggered by the shocking childhood obesity rate in the United States showing an obesity rate of 15.8% at the end of 2006 compare with 8.3% in 1994 among children ages 8-14.
With this repair in the nutrition system spearheaded by the First Lady, a number of vending machine companies followed suit and previously introduced healthy and nutritious food to create healthy vending machines in the schools. Fresh Healthy Vending is a nationwide franchise and just one of the latest innovators in the vending machine industry. They provide a wide selection of products that are natural and organic and cater to low carb and high fiber foods and even added state of the art features like colorful graphics, credit card reader and energy efficient LCD lighing making it more engaging to students.
Vending machines has actually gone a long way from gum ball dispensing, to coffee, to sodas, chips and chocolates. They have been the mirror of our fast paced life being too convenient and accessible. To date, vending machines still carry the connotation of giving unhealthful and non-nutritious content. However, many of the vending machine suppliers have already recognized the changes that should be made, by providing healthy food and improving its nutritional content. And let’s face it, we cannot let go of these machines, so we might as well be sure that we get healthy and nutritious food from them.

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